The ability to add multiple PCIe/NVMe storage devices

View The HQ-Box Storage 4x U.2

View the compact HQ-Box Storage/2, 2x U.2

You can heat, freeze and shake it

The HQ-Box Xeon-D server does not care..
It will flawlessly run in temperature range of -30°C to 72°C, and withstand shock and vibration conditions as defined by ETSI standard ETS 300 019-1-5, 5M2 profile.
The HQ-Box can be further hardened to match military grade shock and vibration condition.

The Xeon®-D based HQ-Box server family

Combine fast storage and expansionary add-on cards

View The HQ-Box Combo (2x U.2 drives & PCIe Slot)

Experience greater expansion with PCIe add-on cards

View the HQ-Box 3X (3 slots)

View the HQ-Box 2X (2 slots)

Introducing the YB3x series Network Appliance

A fanless vCPE for demanding conditions

Data sheet

A sturdy and compact intel® Xeon®-D server

View The HQ-Box 1F

View The HQ-Box Bare

The HQ-Box

An Intel® Xeon-D® based embedded server

The HQ-Box series is a family of embedded fanless servers. Packed in a rugged, compact and sturdy enclosure.

Designed with flexibility and customisation in mind, the HQ-Box server offers numerous configurations to accommodate for a variety of use-cases.
The HQ-Box offers unique advantages over other Box-PCs including:

  • The only fanless server offering a 65W / 16Core Intel Xeon-D
  • The only embedded server offering up to 6x NVMe, PCIe based SSD
  • Up to 4x U.2 (2.5″) drive bays, for either SATA or NVMe
  • Expandable with up to 3x PCIe 3.0 slots for Full height Add-on cards (FHHL)
  • Long term reliability with an All-Ceramic capacitors design


YB3x server / vCPE announced

For immediate release

Heptagon Systems announces the YB3x IoT Edge / vCPE / server

MELBOURNE, Vic. Australia, 2019.May.24 – Heptagon Systems is proud to announce the YB3x: a fanless IoT-Edge / Network appliance.YB3 SFP front upd

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HQ-Box granted Microsoft Server 2016 certified hardware

For immediate release

MELBOURNE, Vic. Australia, 2018.Dec.5 – Heptagon Systems HQ-Box, an Intel® Xeon®-D based compact fanless industrial server has successfully pass Microsoft® Server 2016 hardware certification.

The Windows Hardware Certification is used to validate hardware and drivers for Windows compatibility. The Server 2016 hardware certification program set of tests ensures the tested server is 100% compatible with Microsoft OS and will withstand vigorous work loads flawlessly. (HQ-Box listing on Windows Server Catalog website)

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HQ-Box BIOS Rev 50515.3205 released

For immediate release

MELBOURNE, Vic. Australia, 2019.Sep.27

BIOS rev 50515.3205 was released and is available for download in the Support/Downloads section.

Main changes:

  • Intel Microcode security updates
  • Minor CPU thermal adjustments

The  BIOS update How-To contains step by step instructions on how to upgrade the BIOS.

HQ-Box with BIOS earlier than rev 50515.3203 are advised to make the update.

Media Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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